7th Circle of Hell

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Hate Days Like Today!

It's me again, Anthony, The truck driving tree. Not much has happened today.

It's been horrible everything is pissing me off, the only good thing that has happened is I talked to my baby Kayla for a couple of hours. I miss her, eventhough I'm with her most of the time.

What the fuck is wrong with people? They are so fucking stupid, they think they are better than every one else but they aren't they are just as bad as the people thay are talking about.

I have to go for now.

I love you Kayla.


I have just started a blog to express the things that are harder to express in front of people. This isn't something I'm doing just because a million people do it, I'm doing it to help myself. I hve nothing to write about right now so bye